1973-02-02 Max's Kansas City, New York City, NY (Early)

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First of two shows, with Bruce and the boys opening for headliner Biff Rose. Although long-rumored to have been played during the stint at Paul's Mall in January, the only verified live performance of "Visitation At Fort Horn" stems from a show during this week-long residency at Max's, although the specific night has yet to be determined. During an interview with Charles Cross in 1990, Mike Appel commented on the performance: "I was sitting in Max's Kansas City and Bruce decided to do it that night. He used Clarence, Vini and Garry as these 'Sons Of The Pioneers' type singers. I was with this guy from Epic (Records) and he turned to me and said, "I just don't believe this guy. This is the greatest thing I've ever heard."

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