1973-03-24 Student Center, Lewiston, NY

Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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One show, double bill, with Bruce and the boys headlining and local country-rock group Old Salt opening. Held indoors in the 350-seat Student Center. The show was not a sellout, with a reported 300 tickets sold. Given Springsteen was a virtual unknown at the time, this gig at Niagara received an unprecedented amount of pre and post concert press coverage in the school's modest campus newspaper, all articles written by students. The student who orchestrated this event (Kerry McNamara) was obviously a serious Bruce fan. A student reporter even seems to have travelled south to get a brief but fascinating interview with Bruce a couple of weeks before this show. In this interview Bruce mentions he is now playing "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)", including "Fun, Fun, Fun", as a special encore (a tape exists of it from February 14 at VCU). In addition Bruce mentions "Ring Of Fire" and the instrumental "Apache" as two cover songs he's been incorporating into his recent shows. Interestingly it is also revealed that this gig had originally been planned for March 2 but had been rescheduled to March 24 because of the West Coast tour with Paul Butterfield's Better Days. This seems to have been an intimate, inspired crowd that elicited an equally inspired performance. Bruce even donned his legendary Elvis t-shirt at this show, a guarantee of a special evening! After Old Salt opened with a 60-minute set, Springsteen performed a 120-minute show with no intermission, including a triple encore. As reported in the reviews of the show that followed, Bruce opened with two (unnamed in print) acoustic numbers (accompanied by Clarence on the first and Danny on the second) and them brought out the entire band. The final song in the main set was "Thundercrack". The first encore was "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (including "Fun, Fun, Fun") and the second encore was "Twist And Shout". The title of the third encore is not mentioned. This is the longest verified Band performance up to this point and one of the very few two-hour shows Bruce did in 1973. A contributor to the Greasy Lake website writes: "The ticket was $1.00 and about 150 - 200 kids showed up but the band played like there were 10,000. Bruce was wearing a newsboy cap and he was all over the place. Thin, full beard, leather jacket and a tee shirt. He exploded right in front of us. I had never seen anything like him or the band. I think they played about three hours. I was physically exhausted and can only imagine how Bruce and the Band felt. I remember some of their early songs and I also remember "Devil With The Blue Dress On". I think they played "Come Together" by the Beatles too. When it was over, we were exhausted. I went to breakfast late that night at a diner and there they were. I said hello, told them how great the show was and made small talk. Bruce could not have been nicer. Clarence too. A few months later they came back to NU and there were probably 1000 people there."

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