1973-04-27 Convocation Center, Athens, OH

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Scheduled: 19:30 – 00:30 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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A fairly impressive nine-artist roster with Bruce and the band receiving near bottom billing. They play early on the first day of this two day music festival held indoors at the school's Convocation Center. The Eagles co-headline. Eagle Don Henley has commented on this show: "I'd first heard about Springsteen from Jackson (Browne), who raved about him. Then we ended up on the same bill as Bruce at a festival out in Ohio. So I sort of wandered in alone and checked out his set. He was just a warm-up act at that this show. After watching him I remember thinking to myself that this was a guy that wasn't gonna be warming up the crowd for us, or for anybody, for very long."

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