1973-05-24 Childe Harold, Washington, DC

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One show, with Springsteen and band the sole act on the bill. Bruce's first ever appearance in Washington, DC. A two-hour performance that involved three 40-minute sets with an intermission between each. A large contingent of longtime Springsteen fans from nearby Richmond came to these shows, catching Childe Harold's management completely by surprise. According to club owner Bill Timberlake there were lines two blocks long each night and he had to go outside and tell people there was no room to fit them. These three shows at Childe Harold are believed to have included the unofficial debut of David Sancious in the band, a situation seemingly corroborated by critic Bob Gould's description of the Childe Harold line-up, which he describes as including both a piano player and an organ player (not including Bruce). Sancious made his 'formal' debut on June 22. The venue, a cozy, wood-lined saloon that played host to many famous acts, closed in 2007. According to a news article, the owner broiled steaks for Springsteen between sets. For his three nights work, Bruce took home $750.

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