1973-06-06 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

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One show, double bill, with Bruce and the boys opening for headliners Chicago. The sixth of thirteen consecutive shows. This is the earliest known performance of "The E Street Shuffle". "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" features the same early draft lyrics performed in Richmond on February 14. It's obvious the audience is hearing the song for the very first time, so it's fascinating to listen to the reaction. Given that this early rendition features just five instruments, it lacks the punch that David Sancious’s presence later injected in the arrangement. However this is currently the earliest high quality live recording of the song in circulation and it includes the "chiffon reins - samurai tongue" lines that grace Bruce's 1972 handwritten lyric sheet. Bruce changed the words shortly after this date, and all later period live renditions feature the 'official' "mama's reins - little girl tongue" lyrics. A review from the Philadelphia Inquirer mentions "Spirit In The Night" and "Growin' Up" being played, along with a less than favorable review. Bruce's performance was almost certainly restricted to a maximum of 45 minutes but, on this night, there are reports he was on and off in 30 minutes, courtesy of a hostile crowd. This gig at the Spectrum is the only known time where Springsteen was booed by an audience. Brucebase reader Chuck comments: "I was at the June 6 Spectrum concert when he was booed. It was the subject of conversation at two radio stations when I told them the story. I also told them that, when the crowd kept booing, Bruce just kept singing while waving his middle finger back and forth at the crowd. Even though I didn't like him at the concert, I became a big fan later and whenever I told anyone the story of Bruce being booed nobody believed me. I felt extremely embarrassed that night and felt bad for the group on stage. Bruce really did flip and wave the middle finger." Albee Tellone agreed that Bruce was booed at this venue and possibly another, noting that it mainly was from the crowd's impatience with waiting for Chicago to appear.

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