1973-07-27 Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA

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One show, with Springsteen and the boys performing along with numerous other artists as part of the CBS Sales Convention, a three-day, private corporate function that was not open to the public. Artists were not paid except for travel expenses. The listed setlist represents Springsteen's complete performance. Bruce, who had to be pressured to attend this event, had the misfortune to follow Edgar Winter's White Trash, who performed a visually spectacular 15-minute set complete with fireworks and smoke bombs which the partying CBS reps loved. Bruce's performance, on the other hand, was low key and without props. "4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" was performed acoustically and "Thundercrack" included the lengthy comedy middle section. Artists were supposed to play only two or three songs and be finished in 15 minutes. Consequently Springsteen's 40-minute set upset some in the audience, who felt he was grandstanding. Even John Hammond later commented "Bruce came on stage with a chip on his shoulder and played way too long." This private CBS function is often confused with the May 1 Ahmanson Theatre show in Los Angeles (a normal public concert). The CBS-financed promotional film of Bruce's performance at Ahmanson Theatre was shown in its entirety at this Convention.

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