1973-09-29 Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, PA

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One show. Bruce and the band played a full set, although one attendee remembers that Jim Stafford was meant to headline (purportedly he did play one song; see the Eyewitness tab). Last minute difficulties with the College-supplied grand piano caused a delay to the start of the concert. Albee Tellone recalled that a professional piano tuner was finishing up as he and partner Jeff Hall set up the band for a sound check. "When the sound check started, we knew immediately that something was wrong." Danny Federici figured out that the man had tuned the piano to itself (very common) but it didn't match the notes on his organ which is tuned by a tone generator onboard the B-3. The sound check went on as well as could be without the piano. "The tuner returned and had to tune to notes on the B-3 organ being played by Danny Federici. The crowd started to take their seats while he was finishing up. When he finished he stood up and bowed to the audience who gave him big round of applause." "We actually started the show on time," said Albee. "New York City Serenade" is listed based on an attendee recollection.

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