1973-09-30 Pritchard Gymnasium, Stony Brook, NY

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Scheduled: 21:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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One show, held in the Pritchard Gymnasium, with Bruce and the band the only act on the bill. Even though admission was free for students of the school the concert was not a sellout. A brief report the following day in the school's newspaper mentions that one of Springsteen’s acoustic guitars had been stolen at this gig and requests its return. Albee Tellone reported that he always brought along his own personal acoustic guitar which happened to be the same model Bruce had. They were placed in the dressing room side by side, but only Bruce's was taken. Probably because he had a newer case for it. Bruce used Albee's guitar for the remainder of the year until Mike Appel bought him a new one for Christmas.

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