1973-11-06 Max's Kansas City, New York City, NY (Early)

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First of two shows, double bill, with Springsteen and band headlining and Hall & Oates opening. Opening of a five-night (ten-show) residency at the club. Although originally booked for three nights, two additional nights were added to the itinerary. Hall & Oates performed for about 45 minutes at each show, with Springsteen performing for about 90 minutes. Albany Al Tellone continued his brief one or two song guest appearance at some (probably all) of these ten shows. A Brucebase reader who attended reports "Hall & Oates were not well received by the partisan Springsteen crowds." A short review of one of the Max's shows that included Hall & Oates appeared in the Billboard November 24, 1973. The only song mentioned specifically was "634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)". See our News tab to read it. Brucebase has placed the review under this date, although the show described could be any of the ten that Springsteen played in this stand. "Lost In The Flood" from one of the Max's Kansas City shows in 1973 was in the video reel at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame exhibition. This would have been shot in black and white with a single camera by Barry Rebo, similar to the Max's Kansas City footage from 1972. This video could be from any of the Max's shows in 1973, either July or November. It is perhaps more likely to be November, given that we have no record of any "Lost In The Flood" performances in or around July '73.

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