1973-11-17 Roxy Theatre, Philadelphia, PA (Early)

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First of two shows, with Springsteen and band headlining. Two or three local bands (names unverified) acted as the undercards. This was an unusual show structure, as the first show took place during the day but the second show was not until much later in the evening. It should be noted that these shows were held at the Roxy Theatre in the Manayunk neighbourhood of Philadelphia, and not the same venue as the more well-known, up-market Roxy Theatre ten miles away in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. The theatre was on the corner of Ridge and Leverington Ave, and was knocked down in 1981. A Dunkin' Donuts currently sits on the site of the Theatre. Advanced ticket sales were slow, which necessitated Bruce plugging the gig the previous three nights at his My Father's Place residency. See our Gallery tab to view photographs of the show taken by Art Reilly.

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