1974-02-23 Satellite Lounge, Cookstown, NJ

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One show, with Springsteen and band the sole act on the bill at this notorious watering hole for military personnel from Fort Dix. This was the debut gig for drummer Ernest "Boom" Carter, who was a childhood friend of David Sancious. As had been the case with the three previous scheduled shows in Ohio, Springsteen had directed Mike Appel to cancel or reschedule this gig, as Carter had only arrived in New Jersey (from Atlanta after a call from Sancious) a few days earlier and had only managed one till-dawn rehearsal with the band. However, under threat of retribution from Satellite Lounge owner Carlo Rossi, Bruce agreed to play. This was a long show that incorporated two very unusual 70 - 80 minute sets, with the opening set not starting until after midnight. There was then a long intermission, with the second set not starting until after 3.00am. Since Carter had not had the opportunity to learn Springsteen's compositions this performance incorporated a uniquely high proportion of classic rock standards, material that Carter already knew. In Mike Appel's words, "one of those amazing nights where everything worked and not a soul knew that Carter was a new drummer." Bruce recounted some hilarious details about this gig a couple of weeks later during a Texas radio interview (see the March 8 KLOL-FM listing). A contributor to the Greasy Lake website had this to say about the show: "I was there. Bruce and his band were in the center of the stage ~ the "dance floor" was on either side of the band. I was up there dancing with my boyfriend. The band jumped into a rousing, jagged version of "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)". In the middle of the song, during the instrumental break, Bruce swung his guitar around to his back, leaned over, and grabbed my arm. I danced my heart out with Bruce!"

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