1974-03-10 Liberty Hall, Houston, TX (Late)

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Scheduled: 23:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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Late show (11.00pm), double bill, with Springsteen and band headlining and Jimmie Spheeris opening. As advertising for the Liberty Hall residency states, the final night was originally scheduled as one show only. However due to strong demand a second (late) show was added at the very last moment. Attendee recollections from March 10 that have surfaced over the years have caused great confusion due to the fact that both shows featured somewhat different setlists and because it was not generally known/confirmed that two shows were performed on March 10. For the second show Bruce changed the two opening songs, instead, he began the late show with an acoustic "Mary Queen of Arkansas" followed by a semi-acoustic "The Fever". The second show has several interesting features. Springsteen sings the "The Fever" for the first time of the year in a concert setting and predicates the rendition by mentioning the studio demo that has been sent out to some radio stations (but doesn't mention the fact he played the song the day before inside the KLOL-FM studio). By performing "The Fever" at this show Bruce appears to have been delivering on a promise he made to the Liberty Hall audience the night before. Additionally, Bruce breaks a guitar string during "Spirit In The Night" and so we get the first known rendition of Clarence's time-filling comedy number "Gimme That Wine". We're also treated to the only known live performance of "Angel's Blues" (known to most fans by the titles of "She's So Fine" and "Ride On Sweet William") a rather unspectacular song that dates from mid-1973. The performance is very ragged, indicating it may not have been rehearsed much. "For You" is the solo piano version. It should also be noted that there are unsubstantiated reports that this second show included two additional songs ("4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" and "Let The Four Winds Blow") that don't seem to be circulating anywhere.

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