1974-03-15 Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX

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One show, with Springsteen and band headlining a capacity crowd of 1,500 and western swing band Alvin Crow & The Pleasant Valley Boys opening. Partial setlist details are from attendee recollections. This was Bruce and the boys first-ever gig in Austin and both Springsteen and Appel were concerned about a potential clash of musical (and audience) styles between the two acts. The concern proved unfounded, as Bruce recounted during a 1980 interview in Performance Magazine, "It worried me a little bit. I knew for sure we weren't cowboys and I didn't know how they (the audience) would act. But, you know, they were up and dancing by the second song. I didn't think there were people like that, able to shift from one extreme to another so quickly." Two Brucebase readers who attended recall: "It was a special weekend show so it was a whopping $1.50 to get in! It ended being the best show I ever saw, period. I remember there were four encores and the last song he played was "Let The Four Winds Blow" and he yelled out 'somebody get me a cheeseburger' at the end. We ran down Guadalupe Street and ate lots of tacos to recoup our energy." "We were really blown away that night. From the minute the music started everyone was on their feet, dancing and screaming and holding hands. I had never seen such a tight band before, or since. Bruce was jumping up on everything, speakers, pianos, you name it." "For You" is listed based on David Sancious's recollection that the song was played solo piano at this venue, but it could in fact have been at any (or multiple) of the 1974 shows at Armadillo World Headquarters.

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