1974-04-19 State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ

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Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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One show, double bill, with Springsteen and band headlining and folk stylist Jae Mason opening. This concert went virtually unadvertised by its promoter, who gambled that 'word-of-mouth' would be enough to fill the modest, 550-seat venue. Big mistake, as only about 250 people attended. A New Jersey local from this time has commented "nobody knew this show was happening, in fact even students at Rutgers (in New Brunswick) were totally in the dark until after the fact." Gary, sent in his recollections: "My future wife and I sat in the upstairs balcony right behind the extended Federici family which included at least one of his parents, wife and kid. Great people. Bruce opened his set with the following (paraphrasing here): "Thanks to Jae Mason for a great opening set and while we don't do a lot of country music (Mason's style was sort of country folk) the closest thing we have is this and thought we would dedicate it to him." He then did "Wild Billy's Circus Story" with I seem to recall Danny on accordion. The other set change up I recall vs the many many other shows I saw from those days was a slowed down version of "For You" with just Bruce and the piano." Journalist Penn Jillette, who attended this gig, has commented that despite the poor turnout Bruce played with the same intensity as if it were a full house at Madison Square Garden.

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