1974-04-26 Alumnae Hall, Providence, RI

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One show, 12.00am (midnight, so technically speaking it was held on the 27th), with Springsteen and band the sole act on the bill. Held in the school's sold-out Alumnae Hall on the Pembroke campus as part of Spring Carnival. There was no delay to the start of the show, as it had always been planned for midnight, a weird starting time given that Bruce was the only act on the bill. By all accounts a highly energized 1¾ hr performance that saw Bruce running amuck in the audience at one point and then undertake his James Brown-influenced "fainting-revival by the band" skit during the final song. The show included an early rendition of John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom", although the tune may have actually formed part of the "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) - Shotgun" combination. The listed setlist details (probably complete and in the correct sequence) are garnered from two fine reviews of the show, one by journalist Ty Davis in the Providence Journal and the other by student reporter J. Garrett Andrews in the Brown Herald. Andrews, who hailed from the Asbury Park area, procured a backstage interview with Bruce immediately following the show that was published in the school newspaper the following week - see our News tab to read. Tom Miller of Oui Magazine interviewed Bruce as well; he did not end up publishing an article, but Andrews's piece relied on Miller's recording, which is now housed in the University of Arizona Special Collections. During this 2:00am interview it's noted that Bruce has a daytime gig in Connecticut coming up in just 11 hours (1.00pm) and then an early evening (7.00pm) gig at another location right after it. Interestingly, this show did not include any (at that time) unissued Springsteen compositions (i.e. "Thundercrack", "Zero And Blind Terry", "You Mean So Much To Me", etc.), a point not unnoticed by reporter Andrews, who queried Bruce on the matter. Bruce responds by stating the show setlist is in a transitional stage, he's just written some new songs that he's about to start incorporating into upcoming shows. It's likely that Bruce was referring here to the new compositions he performed two weeks later at the Harvard Square Theatre. Bruce also mentions a desire to perform in England - which would come to pass some 18 months after the interview.

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