1974-07-30 Troubadour (The), West Hollywood, CA

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Scheduled: ??:?? Local Start Time 02:00 / End Time ??:??

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One (informal) show, triple billing, with Springsteen & The E Street Band co-headlining with Roger McGuinn, former leader of The Byrds. The opening act was Hawaiian folk duo Cecilio & Kapono. This event was billed as 'Columbia Guest Artists Week', with 'mystery'" artists from the CBS roster appearing each night. This six-day event bore some conceptual similarities to CBS's Ahmanson Theatre week-long promotion the previous year (see May 1, 1973 listing). As it turned out Bruce and McGuinn were the selected performers for the first night, with specifics leaking out only 72 hours or so beforehand, as well as wildfire rumors that Bob Dylan might play as well, ensuring tickets for the opening night were at a premium and in the hands of the LA media elite. Dylan was a false rumour but this gig would be a huge publicity breakthrough for Springsteen, who up to this point was having serious problems breaking through on the west coast. Cecilio & Kapono opened at 9.00pm, Roger McGuinn (and his band) followed at 11:30pm and Springsteen & The E Street Band took the stage around 2.00am and closed the evening with a rousing 90-minute (or 120-minute, recollections vary) performance. The listed partial setlist details are from an attendee recollection combined with a brief description of the show in the LA Times and a review by Harold Bronson in Cash Box magazine.

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