1974-10-12 Alexander Hall, Princeton, NJ (Early)

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Scheduled: 19:30 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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First of two shows, 7:30pm. A reader comments: "This concert took place in Alexander Hall, not in McCarter Theater. The capacity of Alexander Hall was much larger than McCarter Theater. I believe McCarter was just the booking agent for this event. My freshman class orientation took place in Alexander Hall, so the capacity at that time had to be around 1,100 or more." Bruce and the band have sole billing. Both shows were sellouts. Another Brucebase reader comments: "I was 16 and wanted a Bruce T-shirt but there weren't any, so my friends and I made T-shirts from the Greetings album. During "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)", I jumped on stage and gave one to Bruce. I don't think he had ever seen one before and he stopped the song and looked at it before starting again. During the break between shows we went to the band's bus and gave shirts to everyone. They loved it and always looked out for us after that." This does not occur on the circulating audience tape from this night, placing the tape as being from the late show.

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