1974-10-26 Julia Sanderson Theater, Springfield, MA

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Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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One show, with Springsteen & The E Street Band the sole act on the bill. This gig is often mistakenly listed as having taken place at Springfield College, however there was no school association with this concert. "The E Street Shuffle" includes "Having A Party". Interestingly "She's The One" begins with a rap that Bruce would use more extensively during the shows in the Fall of 1976: "About, uh….20 years ago….this guy named Ellas McDaniel [a.k.a. Bo Diddley] discovered this beat…..and he found out that whenever he played this beat….educated men, guys that went to school….high school graduates, intellectuals turned into babbling primitives when he played this beat, husbands raped their wives…..to old ´Wagon Train´-repeats, the good girls´d go bad and the bad girls got worse…. This was a pretty serious beat." "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection.

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