1974-12-14 Auditorium, New Brunswick, NJ

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Bruce attends a second Billy Joel concert (see November 25 for details on Bruce's previous concert visit). During the show Billy paused to dedicate the song "The Entertainer" to Springsteen and then, for the third encore, Bruce joined Joel onstage for an impromptu version of "Twist And Shout". A Brucebase reader who attended comments: "Before the show my friends and I decided to walk over to the men's locker room and snap a few pictures of Billy as he emerged to go onstage. The quickest way to get there was to walk underneath the bleachers. I remember seeing a scruffy guy sitting huddled with his back against the wall under the bleachers. It seemed odd, as the show was about to begin. It did not strike me until the next day that this scruffy guy huddled in the shadows was in fact Bruce trying to keep low key." A second attendee has this to say: "The weird thing about that night was all of a sudden everybody starts whispering across the front row "Springsteen's here! Springsteen's here." I look at my cousin Anthony who was a Rutgers student thus the great seats, and actually say to him "Who the fuck is Springsteen?" A few minutes later Billy said "I want to introduce you guys to another Columbia artist who's also been banging around trying to make it, he's currently working on his next album - Bruce Springsteen!" So Bruce comes out and it looks like he had just left the Born To Run photo shoot with the same leather jacket, hat and shirt that he wore on that famous cover. So they light into the Isley Brothers version of "Twist And Shout". The strange thing about Springsteen for me is it seemed like the guy had an actual electric aura around him while he was performing, I had never seen anything like that before or since. I swear you could almost SEE it like a Keith Haring cartoon character!!! So they do the song and after it's done I lean over to my cousin Anthony and say "Oh, so THAT'S Springsteen" I've been a fan ever since that night.

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