1975-07-23 Music Inn (The), Stockbridge, MA

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This show, commonly referred to as taking place in Lenox, MA, actually took place just across the town line in Stockbridge, amongst the barns and outbuildings of the Wheatleigh estate. All press and marketing materials used the closer and more populous Lenox, however. The outdoor, daytime event includes a couple of rarities: the last known rendition of "Gimme That Wine" and the first circulating in-concert performance of "Funk Song", an early Springsteen-composed instrumental that had been a staple of The Bruce Springsteen Band in 1971-72 (no live renditions from that era are circulating, but a rehearsal take from early 1972 is). Interestingly "Funk Song" would be performed on two other known occasions during the following two weeks (July 28 and August 8), but seemingly never again after that. Unusually "Spirit In The Night" opens the set, rather than "Incident On 57th Street" which has been ever-present in the opening slot so far this year and is dropped for the first time on the tour, as is "New York City Serenade". "The E Street Shuffle" includes "Having A Party". "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection. "Thunder Road" is full band. "A Love So Fine" includes an interlude of "Shout". A Brucebase reader who attended this concert comments: "It was outdoors in a natural amphitheater. The show didn't start until just before sunset, so we were treated to this amazing changing backdrop, from full light at the outset, through a spectacular, fiery sunset and then ending up in darkness with Bruce's typical great use of stage lighting. Bruce broke a guitar string and he didn't have any backup. That's what caused the band to perform "Gimme That Wine". While the band played Bruce re-strung his guitar on stage. Miami Steve performed the soundcheck and the first half of the show without anything on his head, don't believe that's happened since!" See our News tab for a review from Yale University's Daily News.

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