1975-10-16 Roxy Theatre (The), West Hollywood, CA

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This was the opening of a four-night (six-show) residency at the club. This first night was a single show and, unknown to Bruce, Columbia Records had reserved many of the seats for media and industry people - a situation that Springsteen gradually became aware of during the show (by the lack of the usual audience enthusiasm) and one that he was very miffed about after the show and then mentioned to the audience at the following night's shows. The listed setlist, culled from assorted (glowing) media reviews of the show, is believed to be missing two or three songs. "Thunder Road" is the slow version with Roy on piano and Bruce on harmonica and vocals. Songwriter Carole King was present at this show and Springsteen premiered and dedicated a heartfelt rendition of her 1966 song "Goin' Back" to her. Other luminaries present include Jack Nicholson, Peter Boyle, Robert De Niro, Jackson Browne, Jim Messina and Neil Diamond. It may have been at this show that De Niro heard Springsteen's "you talkin' to me?" schtick that he later famously improvised in Taxi Driver. In October 2007 Springsteen dedicated "Meeting Across The River" to Peter Boyle on what would have been his 72nd birthday (he died in December 2006), saying that they met for the first time in New York City. A fan present at all the shows remembers: "I believe it was a Columbia Records event that certainly included people from Billboard as well as anyone in the music press that would come. LA was pretty cool to Bruce before these shows and Columbia was pushing hard to get the industry folks to see him. Bruce certainly had no cult following on the West Coast, as we didn't see any of the same people up at the front of the stage from show to show. After the single show on Sunday night, my wife and I were at an IHOP on Hollywood Blvd. for a really early breakfast, when who comes in but Bruce, Mike Appel and their ladies. Bruce looked at us, laughed and said something like "I can't shake you guys". We let him eat his pancakes in peace. The next day, we bumped into the rest of the band at Disneyland! No one else seemed to have a clue who they were!"

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