1976-04-01 Memorial Auditorium, Athens, OH

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Scheduled: 19:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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Held at Ohio University's Memorial Auditorium, the gig was arranged with only a week's notice after the school received a call from Springsteen's promoter. Other events had to be re-scheduled, but this was not an issue due to Springsteen's popularity. Further research reveals that this show was a replacement for a date at Butler University's Clowes Hall in Indianapolis, which was cancelled with a few days notice after the University were unable to procure the $5,000 fee in time.

Tickets went on sale only three days before the show, and there was non-reserved seating, which caused mayhem leading up to the venue opening its doors. Indeed, the University's Post newspaper reported that the doors were literally torn off the building in the chaos. Springsteen's fee was $7,500, with profits from the show split 75/25 between the promoter and the Ohio University Pop Concert Committee (PCC). The listed setlist combines audience recollections with a review in the April 2 Post, which confirms the opening two songs. The paper presented a pro/con style review, with the "con" side offering the following conclusion: "Under the weight of his elaborate press releases, Springsteen fails as a genuine rocker. Dredging up tired imagery, Springsteen is a failed 'West Side Story', with Bruce himself replacing the Puerto Ricans in their street punk roles. Obviously, every cripple has his own way of walking and in this instance the audience is being played for a fool."

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