1976-04-01 Memorial Auditorium, Athens, OH

Scheduled: 19:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

Info & Setlist | Venue

Held in the school's Memorial Auditorium. There was non-reserved seating for this show, which caused mayhem leading up to the venue opening its doors. The listed setlist is from the confident recollection of Brucebase reader Daniel, who further comments, "The concert was scheduled for around 7:00pm…folks started lining up outside at about 4:30pm. By 7:00pm I'd estimate there were over a thousand people outside and the doors were still shut. At about 7:10 there was commotion up front and I remember seeing one of the doors get literally torn from the hinges - and these were big, heavy wood doors! The next minutes were a blur, seeing one girl getting pushed into the glass marque-poster cases, seeing another girl who fainted getting passed overhead…the mad rush to get a good seat". Brucebase reader Bob, who also attended comments "Suddenly the doors opened and we were pushed in so I raced to the front and got two seats. I remember the show was a little too loud in the front row, but it was amazing. The night before the show Springsteen went to my favorite bar (Swanky's) and hung out. I didn't go that night. I saw his picture in the paper the next morning standing where I usually went to drink."

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