1976-04-04 MSU Auditorium, East Lansing, MI

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Show features "Thunder Road" with a new piano introduction. 18-song set includes a rare version of "Meeting Across The River", which is the full-band version rather than a solo piano rendition previously used; the song won't be played again until 1978. Wonderful versions of "It's My Life" and "Frankie", the latter to overwhelming crowd response, just after performing "Born To Run". He sang "Frankie they're real crazy, let's run and hide, In the darkness there'll be hidden worlds that shine when all of the fury in this desperate land, will rise like raindrops in the palm of my hand…". Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" features an extended mariachi-style introduction and a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection. This is also one of the few known times that the whole of the Born To Run album is played. See our News tab to read a review of the show from the Michigan Daily, "Springsteen underwhelms MSU," as well as a more positive report from the Michigan State News.

Tapeboy was responsible for the excellent audience recording, and he had the following recollections of the show: "This was my third time seeing Bruce and my first time successfully getting my recorder into the show. It is arguably my best recording set up as well: the Sony 153SD cassette deck and Advent dynamic stereo mics. I also got my camera and a couple of lenses in…ahh…those were the days. MSU Auditorium was a gymnasium-type place with a U-shaped, single-level balcony surrounding the seats set up on the floor, where we were in the 11th row. This show featured all of 'Born To Run' in an era before full-album shows. It was also the first time I'd heard Bruce play "It's My Life", "Raise Your Hand", and the brand new "Frankie", which featured Bruce on cowbell and pointed in a songwriting direction away from the sound of 'Born To Run'. "It's My Life" was stunning, virtually unrecognizable until the chorus, and prompting a standing ovation midway through the song as the band completed the first chorus. Despite Bruce saying on the 2016 River tour that "Independence Day" was his first song about fathers and sons (and what about "Adam Raised A Cain"?), clearly the spoken beginning of "It's My Life" is where he first visited this theme. We left the show knowing we'd seen a great one, and thinking that a new album must be just around the corner; it was unimaginable that 'Darkness' was still over 2 years away!"

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