1976-09-29 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA

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Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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"The Promise" is performed for the second time ever, with major lyric changes since it's premiere in Red Bank on August 3. The chorus of "It's a Loser" is replaced by "Thunder Road", making it a somber follow-up to the optimistic opener of his third album. "Born To Run" follows it as the final encore. "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes the lyric "I ain't no freak, 'cause my face has been on the cover of Time and Newsweek", along with Roy playing about a minute of Bach's "Prelude No. 1 In C Major (BWV 846)" and a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection. "Growin' Up" and "You Can't Sit Down" are each dropped from the set. The show is later the subject of a very complimentary review in Billboard magazine, which closes with the words "…this might be the best band on the road today."

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