1978-06-06 Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN

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Listed partial setlist constructed from the recollections of those present and a review in the Indianapolis News. Famous show when three (or two, recollections vary) female dancers from a nearby strip club called 'The Red Garter' joined Bruce and the E Street Band onstage during the encore – an incident that Springsteen alluded to 18 years later during a November 21, 1996 solo gig in Indianapolis. An attendee confirms the strippers story, noting that Bruce introduced them as "some friends that Clarence made this afternoon". Apparently Bruce was surprised when they appeared - "I don't think he was expecting them to actually come on stage from the wings." The attendee also notes that Springsteen opened with "Badlands". The story was also mentioned in the Indianapolis News review, which notes that the crowd did not seem as excited about the girls as it was about Springsteen. The Friddles (a.k.a. Bob) has written to Brucebase with more detail: "After leaving the stage after their last set to thunderous applause, they returned for an encore and I believe there were three young ladies in long dresses and high heels came out with them, who were introduced as friends they met at the Red Garter Lounge (which we knew was a "Gentlemen's club" in Indy). The girls starting dancing as the band performed, then to my amazement, they proceeded to wriggle out of their dresses and continue dancing and singing with the band in only their skimpy bras, garters, panties and high heels – I was amazed! The crowd went wild!" In October 2010 during his "Big Band" tour show in Indianapolis Max Weinberg also talked about this event. On the day of the concert the soundcheck finished early and the band headed off to 'The Red Garter' for an afternoon's relaxation. Clarence ("a man of varied interests" according to Max) befriended the strippers, invited them to the show (unbeknownst to the band) and finally invited them on stage for a memorable "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out". During the concert in Indianapolis in March 20, 2008 Springsteen again mentioned The Red Garter, expressing surprise that the club is still in existence. Total ticket sales for the show were 2,014, with gross receipts of $15,105.

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