1978-06-13 Hancher Auditorium, Iowa City, IA

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Scheduled: 20:30 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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The complete 21-song setlist listed is courtesy of Brucebase reader Chris, who made a note of the setlist the day after the show. "The Promise" returns to the set. Chris also writes: "I remember when Bruce was standing on the speakers about ten feet off the floor during "Quarter To Three". He was shouting "I'm Just A Prisoner.." before collapsing on the stage. Clarence revived him with a sponge, and he got up after about a minute and finished singing "…Of Rock 'n' Roll!". During "Spirit In The Night" he did his usual routine and went into the crowd, this time he went further than normal with Clarence trailing behind him playing his sax and Bruce singing the lyrics. He got close to me, and I got a chance to touch him when he was singing the line "me and Crazy Janey". I was so excited! When the silent part ended; he jumped back up and with Clarence right behind him, they ran back through the crowd onto the stage." Another fan present was Jeff, who writes "The set list was very similar to Kansas City later in the month. Only concert I have still ever attended where NOBODY was selling tickets outside, all the people outside were trying to buy!" "Racing In The Street" and "Jungleland" are mentioned in a very positive review in The Daily Iowan. A contributor to the Greasy Lake website notes "…he was standing on top of the speakers and he jumped down like a giant cat. And I remember him out in the audience… grabbing a reporter's pad and telling him he better be writing a good review." "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" is dropped for the first time on the tour. Billboard magazine reported an attendance of 2,568 and gross receipts of $20,177.

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