1978-07-28 Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL

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Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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Bruce and the band return to the stage after a week off. Set opens with the first known version of "Summertime Blues", and the last appearance of the tour for "Night". Only the second confirmed occasion for the tour that "Badlands" did not open - 1950s covers such as "Summertime Blues" would continue to be a fixture in the opening slot for the next month and a half, and sporadically after that for the remainder of the year. Bruce mentions that he considered Heartbreak Hotel for the title of the album but decided against it because he "didn't have the guts." "Growin' Up" features the spaceman story. "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes Roy playing a bit of classical piano and "Macho Man" during the band introductions. "Adam Raised A Cain" is dropped for the first confirmed time on the tour.

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