1978-11-01 Jadwin Gymnasium, Princeton, NJ

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Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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First show of the final leg of the Darkness Tour is a 21-song set that features the premiere of "The Ties That Bind". Bruce alters the lyrics in "Racing In The Street" to "summer's gone and the time is right". A reader present comments "I rank this as one of the all-time greatest Bruce concerts (of the 50+ I have attended and I know I’m just a piker on that standard). The audience jumping and dancing caused the gym floor to vibrate and move up and down". A contributor to the Greasy Lake website also recalls "Amidst the madness, I recall that the Jadwin gym floor was oscillating wildly - from our seats in the north stands it looked like the folks on the floor were standing on the surface of the ocean, rocked by waves." The "urban legend" is that this concert caused structural damage to the facility and that this was the last major rock concert to take place in Jadwin Gym. An article in the college newspaper The Daily Princetonian from November 7 does report damage to the surface of the basketball court (mainly caused by chair legs gouging holes in the hardwood floor), but nothing more substantial, even in the weeks and months after the concert. Myth busted? See our News tab to read a series of clippings from The Daily Princetonian.

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