1980-11-05 ASU Activity Center, Tempe, AZ

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Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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33-song set is one of the finest and most intense shows of the River Tour, perhaps related to the fact that Ronald Reagan had been elected president the day before – which Bruce notes with displeasure prior to a fiery "Badlands". Many highlights in this show, including perhaps the definitive performance of "Drive All Night". Roy plays the piano intro before "The River" and "Cadillac Ranch" includes a lengthy "No Money Down" introduction. "Detroit Medley" includes "I Hear A Train". According to Dave Marsh, during "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" Bruce fell off a speaker stack: "Bruce made one of his patented leaps to the speakers at the side of the stage. But this time he missed. The crowd just kept on cheering, but back at the sound-board where Jackson (soundman Bruce) and I were sitting, the tension was thick. Bruce might do anything, but this was weird; the band was holding the chord, and the chords of 'Rosalita' are not meant to be held for five seconds, much less fifteen. It's a good long drop from the speakers, two feet high, to the floor, a good eight or nine feet away. All there was between Bruce and the hard concrete floor was the band's monitor mixing board, but as he tumbled down, roadie Bob Werner reached out and broke the fall. (He sprained his wrist in the process.) Neither the band nor the crowd could see any of this. The next thing any of us knew, the guitar appeared, tossed atop the speakers. Then a pair of hands and at last, Springsteen's head, with his silly-faced-little-boy grin. He shook his head, pulled himself the rest of the way up, and strapped on his guitar, went back into action as if nothing had occurred."

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