1985-03-31 QE II Jubilee Sports Centre, Brisbane, Australia

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Scheduled: 18:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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Final tour performances for "Nebraska" and "Who'll Stop The Rain". First ever performances in Australia of "Nebraska", "I'm Goin' Down", and "Who'll Stop The Rain". The only Born In The U.S.A. Tour show that is not circulating on audio and, as such, one that has seen a number of highly speculative setlists make the rounds. Brucebase's listed 29-song setlist (and sequencing) is culled from unearthed information in The Brisbane Courier Mail, The Australasian Weekly and the collective (but agreed upon) recollections of several actual Brisbane show attendees. The song placement may not be totally accurate, however. Bruce opened this show with the comment, "Are you guys ready for a little rock and roll trip?" During "Thunder Road", the final song of the first set, Bruce tried in vain to get the audience to sing some of the lines, prompting him to jokingly comment to the crowd "sounds like you didn't get this one down here". Near the end of the show Bruce, peering out at the rain soaked crowd, predicated a rare performance of "Who'll Stop The Rain" with the comment, "We're gonna play something especially for you guys on account of the meteorological conditions." Show attendee Andrzej adds "…the show overall was really underwhelming – I remember "Atlantic City" as it was the only song that I was really impressed by - the venue was waaaay too big and it was the first time I'd heard him describing himself as the ‘Boss' - it felt like he had reached a point where he was believing the press." A gig marred by poor decisions by both Bruce's management team and the event promoter. This concert was originally scheduled for the 8,000-seat outdoor Brisbane Chandler Velodrome. However tickets were on sale for only a few days when the venue was suddenly shifted to the expansive 50,000-seat QEII stadium in Nathan, a southern suburb of Brisbane. The concert eventually was a near sellout. The sound system was inadequate for the size of the venue and the stadium's large video screen was out of synchronization with the audio. Unlike the Sydney shows, a no-alcohol policy was in place for the Brisbane show, a policy that many patrons were unaware of and which the Police strictly enforced - resulting in significant delays getting into the stadium.

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