1988-10-07 National Sports Stadium, Harare, Zimbabwe

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First time that Springsteen has played in Africa. Bruce's only performance in Zimbabwe to date. A certain amount of controversy surrounds this show, played at a Chinese-built sports stadium in the Zimbabwean capital. Reports suggest that Zimbabwe issued an estimated 20,000 visas to South Africans, and the end result is that perhaps 80 percent of the crowd is white. Secondly, the local promoter sourced the sound system from South Africa, which is still in the grips of apartheid. The performers discovered this while in India, protested, and as a result the promoter is forced to locate another system from elsewhere. Generally, it could be said that the show is a success, however at midnight (during Springsteen's set) the stadium lights are switched on, compelling thousands of the vast crowd to head for the exits and ensuring that the show closes with a bit of a whimper. Guest artists are Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi, Ilanga, and Cde Chinx.

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