1988-10-14 Estadio Mundialista Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina

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"The River" was played at Bruce's first ever appearance in Argentina. Bruce at some point of the show said this to the crowd: "la lucha con coraje de los chilenos y argentinos por la democracia es un ejemplo para el mundo". A translation of this is "The fight with courage from Chile and Argentinos people for the democracy it's an example for all over the world." 30,000 people were at the show, and half of them were from Chile. They crossed the border to see the show. About 1650 policemen were at the show, and checked one by one all the persons who attended. Two Chilean bands recently returned from exile, Los Prisioneros and Inti-Illimani, took part in the show, as did the Mendozino group Markama. A further translation of Springsteen's speech is: "No one knows better than the South Americans how weak are that kind of rights. We fight in order to create one world without Somoza without Pinochet and with no leaders who rule the world with blood from their Countries in their hands. Let's join our voices in order to that the freedom scream will feel strong in America and in all the world."

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