2002-10-05 Rockefeller Center, GE Building, Studio 8H, New York City, NY

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Bruce and the band appear on Saturday Night Live. The show is hosted by actor Matt Damon. "Lonesome Day" is with the band, "You're Missing" is solo piano (as is the soundchecked "My Hometown"). Bruce and the E Street Band are rehearsing for their performance later that evening on Saturday Night Live. They start playing "Lonesome Day" and a couple minutes into the song Bruce and Steven realize that Patti is missing. She shows up and grabs a guitar halfway into the song. After the song is over, Patti isn't too happy and Bruce says, "There are too many members in the E Street Band now." He then says to Patti: "I was as surprised as you were, darling. That's what practices are for. That's why they call it a run-through." And he then says: "I want to do this song again. I don't care how much it costs!"

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