2006-01-07 Le Bernardin, New York City, NY

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Bruce attends the 60th birthday party of Jann Wenner (founder of Rolling Stone magazine) at Le Bernardin restaurant on West 51st Street in New York City. In lieu of a toast Bruce performs one song ("Jann's Song") which he wrote for the occasion. According to Joe Hagan's biography of Wenner Sticky Fingers, the lyrics included the verses, "I got to know the man a little bit, by and by / I've never seen so much innocence and cynicism walk side by side" and "I never guessed a man whose magazine once changed my life / Would one day want to have a threesome with my wife"! No further information about the song or performance is known. Additional performances are from Bette Midler, John Mellencamp and David Bowie. Other guests on hand are John Kerry, Uma Thurman, Caroline Kennedy, Al Gore, Tom Wolfe, Larry David, Robin Williams, Richard Gere, Robbie Robertson, Michael Douglas, and Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun.

Jann Wenner 50th Birthday Party

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