2006-06-05 Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

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Scheduled: 19:30 Local Start Time 20:25 / End Time 22:53

Info & Setlist | Venue

E Street Band member Roy Bittan makes a guest appearance for "Pay Me My Money Down". As the rest of the band file out to end the song, Roy keeps playing along with the drums and tuba; after Bruce drags Larry Eagle and Art Baron away, it's just the Professor all by himself, banging it out on the old upright. Bruce hangs out next to the piano with a huge grin on his face, yelling stuff at Roy off mic, and for the big finish Bruce plays the last chord along with him, dragging his elbow down the keyboard - courtesy backstreets.com. The Greek Theatre is an outdoor amphitheatre. Horn section is Baron-Manion-Pender-Rosenberg.

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