2012-07-17 RDS Arena, Dublin, Ireland

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Scheduled: 19:00 Local Start Time: 19:28 / End Time: 22:51

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Opening night in Dublin starts hilariously. Bruce (aided by Steve) drags a giant electrical switch to the front of the stage, turns it to "ON" and says, "Before we were so rudely interrupted..!" (referring to the previous show in London) and play the last minute or so of "Twist And Shout" followed by the night's first tour premiere, "I Fought The Law" in its only tour performance. The second, "I'm A Rocker" is played by request. "My Hometown", the third, is dedicated to U2. During "Dancing In The Dark" the big screens show the giant switch, in the "ON" position. Two people, dressed as a London police officer and a City official come on stage to stop them playing "Twist And Shout", but Bruce refuses. Before playing "American Land" the characters return, wrestling Bruce and Steve for control of the switch as it is turned on and off before finally going back to "ON." Patti Scialfa returns to the stage for the first time since the two shows in Paris - consequently, "Easy Money" returns to the set and "My City Of Ruins" includes "People Get Ready". First ever performances in Ireland of "I Fought The Law", "We Take Care Of Our Own", "Wrecking Ball", "Death To My Hometown", "I'm A Rocker", "Jack Of All Trades", "Easy Money", and "We Are Alive".

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