2017-12-26 Walter Kerr Theatre, New York City, NY

Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

Setlist & Info | Venue

Patti Scialfa does not perform due to being ill. "This is the part of the night where I usually tell the folks how smart, tough and… fragile miss Patti is. And tonight she is fragile. Unfortunately she caught the flu and she spent the day yesterday in the hospital. So I am gonna have to swim, man swim. I figured I can't talk about Pats, I will talk about the kids or something." "My father was petitioning me for an ancesteral role in my life. He wanted me to write a new ending to our relationship and to be ready for a new beginning I was about to experience. It was the greatest moment in my life with my dad and it was all I needed." After this intro "Long Time Comin'" and "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" follow substituting for the usual duet songs.

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