1962-09-00 St. Rose Of Lima School, Freehold, NJ

Bruce begins eighth grade and turns thirteen years old on September 23. It is was sometime during the October 1962 - September 1963 period that Bruce, having saved up some money doing odd jobs, purchased a second-hand acoustic guitar (no amp) for $18 at Freehold's Western Auto Appliance Store. Bruce's accordion/guitar playing first cousin Frank provided some introductory lessons. Bruce has recently commented on his cousin Frank and this event: "He taught me my first chords. He was super cool. I was thirteen and I went to my aunt Edie's house where Frank played accordion in the living room. It was like Ted Mack Amateur Hour… the first song I learned was "Greensleeves." It should be noted that first cousin Frank's son is none other than The Sessions Band guitar player (and Bruce's second cousin) Frank Bruno.

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