1969-12-31 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

One show, held outdoors at the Esalen Institute, a kind of hippy commune in the mountains of the Pacific coast. Bruce's first ever appearance in California. According to individual comments made by Springsteen, Lopez, and Roslin, this 'concert' was a New Year's Eve party that had been planned before the band arrived at Esalen. Sitting in with the band for their West Coast gigs was Richard Blackwell, a Freehold native that Springsteen had grown up with, and had found by chance staying at the Institute. The band hung around Big Sur for about a week (staying in a log cabin) before heading up to the San Francisco area. Vini recalled the listed songs, during a recent talk with a fan, the other songs where probably a grab bag of the songs the group where playing then but he can remember those two in particular.

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