1973-04-28 Chances R, Champaign, IL

Cancelled Springsteen performance, although the show almost certainly went ahead without Bruce. This was originally scheduled as one sixty-minute show starting at 10.30pm, double bill, with Springsteen and band headlining and local group Zacharia performing both before and after Bruce's set. Show was sponsored by WPGU-FM, the student radio station of the University Of Illinois. The radio station was also scheduled to broadcast Bruce's set live. Chances R was a legendary '60s/'70s rock club on Chester Ave in Champaign that catered for students at the nearby university. This gig had originally been booked as a convenient flow-on from Bruce's nearby Ohio University gig the previous day. However following this booking Mike Appel was able to get Bruce a performance slot at the infinitely more prestigious Chuck Berry / Jerry Lee Lewis concert in Maryland. It's likely that following the cancellation the show was rescheduled to May 1.

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