1978-07-09 WNEW Studio, New York City, NY

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Springsteen is interviewed by WNEW-FM DJ Dave Herman for King Biscuit Flower Hour, a weekly syndicated program heard across the United States (as was the case a few days earlier at KMET-FM in Los Angeles). Being interviewed by friendly Dave Herman, Bruce opens up about a lot of the Darkness issues Herman asks about. During the interview, Herman poses questions to Bruce about being the person or the product - Bruce talks about having more money than you can spend, then come the distractions, what he wanted to be, the Billboard Incident, how "The Boss" got started, whether he has any kind of life outside of music, how he cares about his fans, how The E Street Band got together - Bruce tells a great bit about Garry getting into the band, if he's having a good time and the Phoenix show - Bruce tells about young girl who kissed him so hard that she almost knocked out his front tooth, the age he decided to get into rock 'n' roll, the Born To Run hype and feeling things slipping away, the Darkness album being something new or a continuation, how Bruce and Landau hooked up, Born To Run recording issues, Born To Run and Darkness - time to do them, how he feels about Darkness - Bruce says, "I like it … in general, I think it's an honest record", number of songs done - again, Bruce says "about 30", hardest track to get down - Bruce agrees with "Badlands" & adds, "It was hard to sing … I had the word, 'Badlands' and chord changes and we go into the studio and lay the track down … And I go home. I play the tape and I'd write the words but I wouldn't do it out loud, I'd write them in my head. So, I go into the studio and I'd try to sing it and I realized what I'd written was like, it was hard to breathe and sing it all at once, so that was hard to sing", about being a rock 'n' roll star - Bruce hopes it doesn't mean a day will come when he can't get down into the crowd, and problems he's faced due to popularity - Bruce talks about the conflict between wanting to reach out but then feeling like you got to pull back but "the main thing is to cut down on the distance … to get as close as possible to the audience … the whole concept is the people come and they're at the show, well, they're not at the show, they're in the show, you know, I'm not only in the show, I'm at the show … I'm not explaining it well … it's a paradox … the more popular you are, the further people have to sit away to see you but you're reaching more people … what are you gonna do … you gotta work it out somehow." Somewhere in all that, they're talking about the music business and its challenges and Bruce coins the term, "Capital Generator" and what that feels like. Bruce uses this term, "Capital Generator" in the opening segment right after "Paradise By The "C"", through "Incident On 57th Street" and before "Racing In The Street" gets played in a great summation of all that came before the Darkness Tour in response to Dave Herman's opening: "What's Up?" Live recordings of "Prove It All Night" and "Paradise By The "C"" from the Berkeley July 1 gig are broadcast as part of Bruce's interview appearance at the station.

WNEW-FM Interview

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