Hey, alright, come on

Cynthia, when you come walking by you're an inspiring sight
Cynthia, you don't smile or say hi but baby that's alright
'Cause I don't need to hold you or taste your kiss
I just like knowing, Cynthia, you exist, doll, in a world like this

Cynthia, when you pass it seems like this whole town drops
Cynthia, or maybe it's just me, baby, and these fools stuck here punching this clock
Well you give us a reason to stop just for a while
To stop, stand, baby, and salute your style
Yeah Cynthia

Well now you ain't the finest thing I'll never have
And when you go the hurt you leave but baby it ain't so bad
Alright Cynthia

Yeah there ain't a man in this whole town who'd say you ain't fine
You hear them guys talking, tell me baby do you mind
Well you make us happy, honey, when we feel sad
To see something so good in a world gone bad
There's still Cynthia, oh yeah

Cynthia, no one knows your number, no one knows where you live
Cynthia, I wonder do you understand this strange thing you give
Yeah well baby is it your style, the mystery in your smile
Or just how cool you walk in a world gone wild
Oh tell me if you will, Cynthia

Well I gotta be pretty naive to believe in you
I know you ain't ever gonna be my dream come true
That's alright, I got other dreams as good as you, Cynthia
Yeah now baby, now this ain't no come-on
Now walk on, Cynthia, walk on
That's right
Yeah go on there baby

You make me holler, yeah, yeah, alright
I said yeah, yeah, alright
Well she's a yeah, yeah, alright
I said yeah, yeah, alright
Well I said yeah, yeah, alright
She's a yeah, yeah, alright
Say yeah, yeah, alright
Now yeah, yeah, alright

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