Faster And Louder

Faster And Louder

One, two, three, four

Talk, talk, talk, talk, keeps getting in the way
Speaking as a young artiste who has so much to say
So now you know my situation
Understand my aggravation
Building up so strong inside
Cause I wanna make some noise

I can play (faster and louder)
I can dance (faster and louder)
I can live (faster and louder)
I'm a man (faster and louder)

Feel the need to express myself
Think I'll form a band and call it Yazoo Squelch
Yeah some say it's an aberration
I think it's my avocation
Step aside to be overexposed
I wanna make some noise

I can talk (faster and louder)
I can eat (faster and louder)
I can screw (faster and louder)
I'm a man, I'm a man (faster and louder)

One! Two! One, two, three, four!
I can scream (faster and louder)
I can jive (faster and louder)
Walk the dog (faster and louder)
Mow the lawn (faster and louder)
Jump back jack! (faster and louder)
Get down Bernice! (faster and louder)
Hot Pants! (faster and louder)
Later, holmes! (faster and louder)

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