Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Another Friday night
In the Moulin Rouge
A tassled lassie
In her sequin shoes
She threw her drink in a gel
Beheld her youthful ardor
Singin', "Oh mon dieu
I am the midnight feast
Hey girls, don't you wanna
Get up here and dance like me?"
Hey, we could live somewhere in between
In Moulin Rouge, yeah

And now, across the ocean
In the heart of Times Square
We're seein' sex and more fake sex
Runnin' round out there
I see a chinchilla posse
Tryin' to drag you in for better
Wearin' her fishnet face (fishnet face)
She'll smag your little cruise
Tellin' you it ain't no disgrace, boy
If you've been feelin' blue
Hey, sure 'nough, she don't want to marry you
In the Moulin Rouge

High cheek bone (high cheek bone)
And derriere
Her feathers fill
The diamond glare
Hey now, Renee takes (Renee takes)
Ooh, her final bow
And in fascination, all the girls go, "Wow!"

Now, all of you ladies
Go on to Chippendale's
You see a man in his smoking jacket
He'll have his torso bare
He'll be going "shake-a-poppa-kini" to the tune of a Billy Idol
Singin', "Oh mon dieu (oh mon dieu)
I am the midnight feast
Hey, now, girls, don't you wanna
Get up here and dance with me?
I can remind you to groove
Oh, oh, oh yea-ah, in the Moulin Rouge (oh, la, la)
In the Moulin Rouge
In the Moulin Rouge (oh, la, la)
Oh, oh, oh, hey, in the Moulin Rouge
Je suis une Femme!

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