Welcome to Brucebase. From here you can access the most complete guides to the music of Bruce Springsteen available on the internet today. This site is a co-operative project staffed by a number of permanent contributors, however it's not our site - it's yours. We welcome any comment, addition, criticism or suggestion to make it better or more complete. All queries or contributions however small will be acknowledged. We especially welcome readers recollections of shows and scans or photographs of any memorabilia that might remain in your collection. We do not credit you personally for the text on the site, but in case of photos, where the photographer is known, we'll credit him/her in the filename of the photo.

Brucebase contains setlists for ALL the known concerts that Bruce Springsteen and his bands have played with details (if available) of the tracks, with notes on features of interest as well as the known "sources" of the music (CDs, DVDs, LPs etc). We also display videos, audio clips, newspaper articles, ticket scans, passes, posters, adverts and handwritten setlists for over 2000 shows. We also offer the most comprehensive description of all recorded material and sessions, retail releases, appearances, and interviews, which are constantly updated.

Brucebase is intended to be as definitive as possible, so if you have corrections or additional information please contact the administrators. This site is in no way affiliated or sanctioned by Bruce Springsteen or anyone in his/that organisation.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to the following users for their contribution to this template site:

The "old" Brucebase

Anyone who was a regular visitor to the "old" Brucebase may have noticed that it was no longer being updated. In fact, the last update was November 2008. Obviously, this meant that an entire tour was missing, and nearly two years of incidental updates. So, in October 2010 I contacted Brucebase's administrator, John, with a view to resurrecting the site. I showed him a couple of sample pages, and explained my vision for a new Brucebase. One that assimilated the best of the old version (it's simplicity, speed, accuracy) and updated it for the 21st century. With respect, the old version was built in the 1990s, and it showed. John didn't have the time to administer the site, and he also had technical issues. He fully supports the new site, and has administrator powers here. Following John's approval, we started the long process of transferring the site, adding many new features along the way.
The process of transferring the site had to start all over again in 2018, when the site's host decided to end all wiki activities by the end of September. This new Wiki is the result of that.


Thanks to everybody who has contributed to keeping Brucebase relevant and improving for 25 years, including your current hosts: Danny, Jake and Dave.

Original Brucebase credits (brucebase.co.uk)

Grateful thanks for the initial beta testing and the huge (at the time) downloads go to Tom Randolph, and especially to Peter Bambini for all the ongoing research and hard work chasing the shadows. Special thanks to Staale Aune Fjellstad, Per and Grethe for dedicated and ongoing error checking :-), to Billy Smith and Dari for the use of their wonderful archive material, and Johanna, Aaron and Peter C for the dedicated sections they maintain. Thanks also to Cathy, Andrew, Cliff, Carlo, Steven and the H9'ers for the additional graphics and to everyone who has or will contribute - too many to mention you all.

Previous Brucebase Wiki credits (wikispaces)

I would like to thank everyone who helped move the site over, and has contributed in other ways. Danny, Jake, Pete, Johanna and Craig in particular for their work on the previous Brucebase Wiki on Wikispaces.

Other information

It should also be noted here that this site offers no material for trade or sale and is intended as a dataset for information only. If anyone has any problems with any material, text or graphics, or feels that there is a copyright infringement of any kind, they should contact the administrator immediately.

Use of any of the material on the site on other web sites should retain any credit or contributer reference or link and refer to Brucebase as the originator. No part of this site (or information there from) may be published in print form without the written permission of the site co-operative. All published works are to retain all copyright and contributor references.


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