These are some, but not all, Guidelines for you, if contributing to this site……………

Categories we use:

  • gig: A page for an event where Bruce performed.
  • nogig: A page for an event where Bruce attended, but did not perform.
  • interview: A page for an interview-event with Bruce.
  • rehearsal: A page for an rehearsal-event, similar to gig.
  • nobruce: An occasional page for an event with the E Street Band without Bruce.
  • gignote: A page that tells what happened on a event, related to all pages above.
  • onstage: A page to list all people on stage related to a gig-page, contains only tags and forward to the gig-page.
  • offstage: A page to list all people at an event related to a nogig-page, contains only tags and forward to the gig-page.
  • multi: A page to count a song more than once if it is played more than once, only contains a tag, and forwards to the gig-page.
  • media: A page that contains all the web-media related to a gig-page.
  • gallery: A page that contains all our photos related a to event with Bruce.
  • news: A page that contains all our photos of articles, wristbands, posters, fanart, etc.
    • news:article: A page with a transcript of an article
    • news:review: A page with a review of an event.
    • news:story: A page that tells an annecdote on an event, similar to review.
    • news:web: A page with links to other pages on the web.
  • story:story: A storyteller page related to a gig.
  • eye: A page that contains a summary of eywitness-reports, provided by our readers.
  • files: A page that contains all of our photos with a certain subject (ticket, setlist, pass, candid, etc.)
  • song: A page that gives a bit of info on a song-title.
  • ott: A page with specific info on recording-sessions of a song, related to song.
  • lyrics: A page that contains the lyrics for a song.
  • venue: A page that gives a bit of info on a location where Bruce performed or appeared.
  • content: A page to support other pages with additional information, not to be viewed outside another page.
  • stats: A page to present all sort of statistics.
  • booteg: A page with info on a specific bootleg.
  • retail: A page with info on a particular commercial release.
  • recording: A page with info on recording a song, an album, or a video.

This is not all, but most used, most of these have a related template to use.


Quotes between "// //"


References to Album/Book/Movie Titles between // //

//Darkness On The Edge Of Town//

References to Song Titles between " " or clickable "[[[ ]]]"

"Dancing In The Dark" or "[[[Dancing In The Dark]]]"

References to Bootlegs between ' '

'Before The Fame' (CC)

Explanatory text to Photo or Video between ^^// //^^

^^//This photo was taken by//^^

Copyrighted Text between ||// //|| _ (Example)

||//This text is copyrighted// _
^^//@<&copy;>@ Name copyright holder//^^|| _

Preventing text from being displayed

Place the text between [!-- and --]

Minimize linking to the gig-page directly, but link to the year-page. Each gig has an anchor you can link to on the year-page [[[1970#110970]]].

[[[1970#110970|1970-09-11 - CLEARWATER SWIM CLUB, ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ]]]
[[[1970#110970|September 11, 1970]]]

Gig vs. Onstage/Offstage Category

gig:-pages have also an onstage:-page. The purpose of the onstage:-page is to tag the people/bands who are on stage during the gig. The purpose of the offstage:page is to tag people that were notably present at the event.
Do NOT tag people/bands on the gig:-pages, with the exception of "brucespringsteen", it will screw up statistics.

Venue Naming Convention in all urls

  • We do NOT include the city name in the venue name url. But it will be in the title of the venue.
Title: __Los Angeles__ Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA
Url: [[code]][[[venue:memorial-sports-arena-los-angeles-ca]]]

  • We do NOT include a university (or College) in the venue name, if the venue is on a campus.
Url: [[code]][[[venue:pollak-thatre-west-long-branch-nj]]]


Tour info

Start / Continuation / End of a Tour

Start of the "<Name>" tour

mmmm dd, yyyy - mmmm dd, yyyy (x shows)

Bruce Springsteen (vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano)
Roy Bittan (piano, keyboards, accordion)
Clarence Clemons (tenor and baritone saxophones, pennywhistle, backing vocals, percussion)
Danny Federici (organ, accordion, keyboards) (to November 19, 2007)
Nils Lofgren (guitar, slide guitar, accordion, backing vocals)
Patti Scialfa (backing vocals, acoustic guitar)
Garry Tallent (bass)
Steven Van Zandt (guitar, mandolin, backing vocals)
Max Weinberg (drums)

Charles Giordano (organ, accordion, keyboards) (from November 25, 2007)
Soozie Tyrell (violin, backing vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar)

Continuation / End

Continuation / End of the "<Name>" tour

Audio/Video Interview vs. Written/Published Interview

  • If it's broadcast (audio/video), we use the date released, that's when people saw it. We do mention the date when the interview actually took place, if known, in the gignote.
  • for a print interview, the day it appears in the paper is less important than when it happened. We do mention the date when the interview is published, if known, in the gignote.
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