Article 2012-03-02 Rockefeller Center, GE Building, Studio 6B, New York City, NY

Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young (fine, actually Jimmy Fallon) are sexy and they know it

It’s a tough Monday. It’s March, but here in Washington snow is in the forecast. A key character on “Walking Dead” died last night. Lindsay Lohan’s capacity to stage a comedy comeback remains very much in question.

What we all need is some serious musicianship, dipped in levity, and disguised once again as serious musicianship.

Thankfully, the following video clip of Jimmy Fallon disguised as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen — who was the focus of Friday’s installment of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” — totally fits the bill.

Fallon brought his best Neil Young impersonation skills to a cover of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It,” then was joined by an equally uber-serious Springsteen, who flexed his muscles and crooned convincingly about how he works out. Honestly, how much better would the LMFAO portion of the Super Bowl halftime show have been if it had been performed this way? Also, does anyone else feel weirdly compelled to join a union, write to a member of Congress, or just generally make the world a better place after hearing Springsteen sing this song? I know that he’s declaring that he has “passion in his pants.” But when Springsteen says that, not to mention “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,” it kind of sounds like code for “Rock the Vote.”

Anyway, check out the clip below (some NSFW language), as well as the previous Fallon-as-Young/Springsteen collaboration on another totally vapid pop song, “Whip My Hair.” Then decide which one you like better, assuming you aren’t too busy simultaneously pimping to the beat, riding out tonight to case the promised land and rocking in the free world.

By Jen Chaney via The Washington Post.
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