Article 2013-06-22 Goffertpark, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Bruce Springsteen Is Unstoppable

Soaked to each fiber of his garment Bruce Springsteen waves for a Iast time to his audience.
His hair dripping, his shirt sticking to his tawny body and his grimace even more profound.
For exactly 3 hours and 23 minutes he stood on stage in Nijmegen.

In that time he has played 34 songs, adopted request songs written on pizza boxes and finally saw the drizzle go into a clattering downpour during the encore song Dancing In The Dark.
It made the connection between Springsteen and the more than 60.000 fans even bigger.
In the pouring rain The Boss plays one of the most memorable pieces from his Dutch career.
With every drop the 63-year-old rocker gets even more fanatic.

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, visually a tribute to the deceased saxophonist Clarence Clemons, is almost 40 years old, but vibrates over the soaking wet field.
Springsteen - sleeves rolled up, two earrings and black jeans – directs his band from an out-in-the-open stage.
He is now playing about 3 hours here, but warms his fans with two smashing feast covers: Twist and Shout and Shout.
It is a brotherly end of a memorable evening that begins as Springsteen steps on stage solo.
On his guitar and a harmonica he plays a subdued version of The Ghost of Tom Joad.

Seven minutes long the Goffertpark is silent, then to be completely crushed by the steamroller of musicality that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band is nowadays.
The request numbers are often obscure and do not belong to the brilliants from its treasury of songs, but it does hardly matter what songs Springsteen chooses this evening from his catalog.
He is in top shape. The classic ‘The River’, he probably must have played it more than a 1000 times, but the song sounds even more intense than ever.
After an hour, the time when many artists start to work towards its encores, Springsteen says simply: 'We now play Darkness on the Edge of Town in its entirety’.
The monumental album – with Badlands and The Promised Land - is 35 years old but only gains live, to depth and significance.
Then it's simply a feast for everyone on the field.

The gospel of Shackled and Drawn, the sailors song Pay Me My Money Down and heartfelt cry Waiting on a Sunny Day, the chorus sung by a boy from the audience.
When he then lines up super hits like - Thunder Road, Born in the USA, Born to Run -, he looks as eagerly as a boxer, all bouncing to climb in the ring.
It is all this that makes Springsteen the biggest live-artist of our time.

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