Article 2014-01-14 Rockefeller Center, GE Building, Studio 6A, New York City, NY

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon Mock Chris Christie

The past couple of weeks have been the most trying period of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s political career, but when he looks back at it years from now his most painful memory might be last night’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Bruce Springsteen – the man he’s seen in concert over 80 times and reveres more than almost anyone else on the planet – sang a hilarious “Born to Run” parody about the George Washington Bridge scandal called “Governor Christie Traffic Jam” alongside Jimmy Fallon.

The song began with Fallon in the iconic Born in the USA sleeveless vest and red bandanna, before Springsteen himself walked onstage in the same outfit. Singing side-by-side, they viciously mocked Christie over the Bridgegate flap. Sample lyric: “You got Wall Street masters stuck cheek to cheek with blue collar truckers and man I really gotta take a leak, but I can’t. I’m stuck in Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam.”

Springsteen was the only guest on the late night program. After the parody song, he talked to Fallon about his new album High Hopes and, in response to a question from Twitter, declared that he’d rather fight 100 horse-sized ducks than a single duck-sized horse. He then played “High Hopes,” “Heaven’s Wall” and “Just Like Fire Would” with the E Street Band. Steve Van Zandt was unable to make it, but with Nils Lofgren and special guest Tom Morello, there were more than enough guitarists on the stage.

By Andy Greene via Rolling Stone.
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