Article 2014-02-26 Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia

Bruce Springsteen Covers ‘Stayin’ Alive,’ Leads Massive Group Twerk

Bruce Springsteen opened up his final show in Australia with an epic rendition of an all-time classic about finding the strength to keep on keepin’ on in this cruel world: not “Jungleland,” not “Prove It All Night,” not even “Thunder Road,” but the Bee Gees‘ “Stayin’ Alive.” Check out a quality fan-shot video of the performance above, which finds Springsteen strumming a simple acoustic progression alongside a crisp trumpet solo before delivering the track’s familiar first line in his classic, gruff bellow that’s still just as sharp as Barry Gibb’s falsetto.

The E Street Band slides into bustling disco boogie, complete with soaring back-up singers, a striking string section and a revolving door of solos from the horn section. Tom Morello even shows off on the fretboard with some of the most blistering, head-spinning guitar work ever heard on a Bee Gees track.

The Brisbane show was a marathon, even by Springsteen’s standards, clocking in at around four hours, as Billboard reports. Along with the “Stayin’ Alive” cover, Springsteen also welcomed Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder for a rendition of AC/DC‘s “Highway to Hell,” played his 1973 album, The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle in its entirety and even led the crowd and the E Street Band in a giant group twerk.

Springsteen’s been paying tribute to artists from down under throughout his tour in Australia and New Zealand, covering not just the Bee Gees (who grew up outside of Brisbane), but AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” and INXS’s “Don’t Change.”

The singer just released his latest studio effort, High Hopes, and will be back in the United States this spring for a tour kicking off April 8th in Cincinnati, Ohio. On April 19th, Springsteen will also put out a new 12″ vinyl EP called American Beauty with four new cuts for Record Store Day, three of which were recorded during the High Hopes sessions with producer Ron Aniello.

By Joe Blistein via Rolling Stone.
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